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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lessons from the Zombie Invasion

FEMA Zombie Unit, Front
FEMA Zombie Unit, Front (Photo credit: Arthaey)
Tonight Long Beach is being invaded by zombies. In keeping with the Centers for Disease Control's efforts to warn residents on how to prepare for any emergency, the following is an exercise on what you can do in your neighborhood to prepare for this invasion (or a possible earthquake,whichever you believe will occur first).

This lesson can be done individually or in pairs. Give the students 2-3 minutes to create a list of items that they think they would need in an emergency situation. If zombies, or real emergencies, are headed your way, it is important to be prepared.
Have the students stand up with their individual lists. Start the following narrative, and ask the students to sit down if the item mentioned in the story is not on their list. The last person standing is the most prepared in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Scenario:
You and a friend are in the middle of a zombie invasion. There is no time to head to the store, so you are going to have to make do with what you have already put in your emergency kit.
1.     The zombies are starting to shuffle into the city. They have overrun the facilities management outpost and the city water has been compromised. It’s time to make use of your bottled water supply.

2.     After hearing that the zombies are coming in from the west, you want to check on your other friends and family members. Pull out your emergency contacts and your cell phone.

3.     The zombies have been attempting to tear down the power lines. The lights have flickered a few times before finally shutting off. Now you are without electricity. This means the refrigerator and microwave are out. Do you have non-perishable food on hand to make dinner?

4.     It’s starting to get dark and you stumble over furniture looking for a flashlight. Do you have one?

5.     All of that stumbling caused you to scrape your knee on the coffee table. Pull out your first aid kit to bandage that up.

6.     It’s dark out and you’ve camped out in the basement, the most secure part of the house. Do you have a blanket or sleeping bag to keep you warm?

7.     While trying to sleep, you hear loud noises and start to worry. You try to turn on your radio for the latest updates.

8.     Why is the radio not working? That’s right, it needs batteries. If you don’t have any, you can use the ones from your flashlight… but ONLY if you have a candle with matches. You still need a light source.

9.     According to the radio report, the mayor has ordered an evacuation. You quickly gather your supplies and make your way to the car. Don’t forget that the electricity is out and you need cash on hand to make any purchases.

10.  Wait, did the mayor say that Main Street is closed and to head east towards Franklin? Which road should you use? Pull out your map to navigate to safety.

Who survived? Who did not? What was the most common item that knocked teams out of the running.

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