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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Get Ready Teachers

Class is in session, the day is moving forward uneventfully…then disaster strikes! Students are screaming, alarms are ringing and it seems as if you’re surrounded by circumstances totally out of your control. But wait a minute…take stock of the situation and act intelligently and decisively. Here are some important guidelines:

  • In the event of an earthquake, teachers should give “drop, cover and hold” instructions.
  • Evacuate the building in case of fire or immediately after an earthquake has occurred.
  • Hold students in an assigned yard area, take a roll call and wait for further instructions. Report if anyone is missing.
  • If telephones are working, call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.
  • Set up and coordinate your first aid center
  • In the event of a random shooting, try to lead students to the nearest exit. If that is not possible, lock your classroom door and tell students to duck down under their desks and remain quiet.
  • Once the disaster is over, dismiss students to go home only with a parent or other authorized adult.
  • Do not re-enter any of the school buildings until the area is pronounced safe.

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