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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Putting Politics Aside -- We Need to Ask Is Long Beach Ready?


Since coming to City Council in 2006, I have spent considerable time on the issue of getting residents ready to survive a major earthquake or tsunami. My staff and I have gone through CERT -- Community Emergency Response Team training.( I have held numerous community workshops with disaster preparedness experts to bring people together to get ready. 

The recent (and continuing) swarm of earthquakes,0,2648814.story  and the workshop held last week at the Aquarium  about preparing Long Beach for a tsunami, should make all of us stop and think -- is Long Beach ready? Do our residents know where to go in case of a major disaster? Do we know what streets to avoid if evacuating? Do we have tsunami warning signs posted? Do our public facilities have back up power and supplies, including drinkable water?

It is important that right now the current Mayor and the City Council move as quickly as possible to pull together resources and make sure every neighborhood in our City is prepared.

We all know that there is an election coming, but earthquakes and disasters have their own timetable as you will see in the video below prepared by the Great California Shakeout -- an effort to get California ready for an earthquake.

Please contact Mayor Foster and your member of the City Council and ask if Long Beach is ready and how can we get ready as a City.

Preparedness Now, The Great California Shakeout
Preparedness Now, The Great California Shakeout

 I am including a link for you to check the specific natural disaster hazard in your neighborhood:  

Please also check and find out what you need to do to prepare. 

Together, we can do this!

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